Bucket List. First, I just need to find a bucket.


There’s something about writing down my goals & resolutions. For me it means I’ve dedicated myself to these tasks and, if they aren’t completed, I feel as if I’ve let myself down & have somehow disappointed the promises themselves. A little extreme, I know.

When I was younger I never believed in New Years resolutions or bucket lists. I thought they were silly and just an easy way to be disappointed. Part of me felt like i would be putting myself in a box, and if i wrote down what i wanted out of my year I’d loose out on other opportunities because I’d be so focused on “the list”. I had the mentality of “whatever happens, happens. Don’t worry about it.”

However the older I’ve gotten I’ve realized that I need these goals to keep myself wild at heart. I love to travel, so most of my desires are to see the world & watch sunsets with my husband by my side. Goals that remind me to live outside of my comfort zone.

My husband & I wrote a bucket list together (please ignore the misspellings). We also wrote New Years resolutions but those are a bit more personal. These are fun things to dream about and accomplish together throughout our life.

I’m proud of this list, as silly as it sounds. It shows growth and my desire to dream. Sometimes those things get lost when I’m so wrapped up in making a living and working towards success.

Bucket lists are good. But sometimes you need to find your bucket first.