Won’t you be my neighbor?


My husband & I came home to this note stuck under our door. It was regarding a package that was sitting in front of our apartment– they picked it up so it wouldn’t get stolen. The best part about it? We have never met our neighbors in A748. They did this just because it was a thoughtful thing to do.

We live in a massive apartment complex that once was a hotel. It has nearly a thousand units, so it’s filled to the max on every floor. We’ve lived here for 8 months & we haven’t met any of our neighbors. Saying that is a little shameful because my husband & I come from Minnesota which, for the most part, is truly (Minnesota) nice. People are friendly & everyone seems to know their neighbors. Here in DC it seems to be a different story because people tend to keep to themselves, not make eye contact, or randomly converse with people around them. I’m not saying everyone, but so far that’s been our experience. So I kind of just went along with it and kept to myself.

Sometimes all it takes is a small act of kindness to get the ball rolling. He could have walked right past our door, but he didn’t and he taught me a valuable lesson. Bill, in A748, kindly reminded me that people still are neighborly and still help one another out. All virtues that God has really been tugging on my heart to improve.

So thanks, Bill. You’re actions did more than you know for us & our view of DC. And for what it’s worth, I promise, I’ll pay it forward.